We all like to wander; in today’s date every other person say that they have addiction of travelling, they want to travel a lot but not everyone travel with purpose. We Tunga trekkers always have some purpose behind our every trek. Our recent trek of Tringalawadi was arranged with purpose of helping people in these pada’s. This time we have decided to help them by distributing school kits in the school. One of the teachers in this school gave us feedback. Please do read that, and then you will know why we do this. Try to do something for others, you will feel good

Feedback –

Kids have started using the material you have given them.For the first time in their life, they had brought water in the water bag to the school, as well as they were eating from their tiffin which was a rare scene. This was all possible because of your support. We could see the happiness on children’s face when they got this school kit. I want to say thank you to all the members of Tunga trekkers from our students, school and our village. We are really great full to you all and hope that you will keep supporting us.

Situation in the Pada.

Sahyadri in the monsoon means heaven but if you want to enjoy This Sahyadri then you will have to avoid crowd and will have to go in deep parts of Sahyadri. That’s why we also went to the one village. (PADA) To reach this village we have to cross four springs. While crossing these springs if water level of these spring will be low then we will not get to enjoy but if water level is high then there is a risk, so water level should be perfect, so we can enjoy ourselves. Here we are thinking about our enjoyment but the life of villagers here is difficult. Water level of these springs in summer is low then they have to walk far so they can get water for their daily purpose and in monsoons when water level is high then their contact to outside world gets cut down. Here we can afford to go on trips, treks and there are this people who are surviving on rice cultivation, where they are not even getting enough returns from this occupation. Here in city future of our children is at certain extent is secured but in this village situation is really bad. If village people want to go to nearby main road or a main market they have to trek for at least 6 hours. This is the case of majority villages (Padas) in Maharashtra.

This situation is really depressing and most of the people are not doing anything about it by saying why should we care? We travel or go for trips to enjoy.

Special tip to all trekker friends-

All of you frequently go on treks in Sahyadri, basically you are active in this are because you are promoting your trekking organizations in in this area and by that you are also earning enough money. So for moment think about this and be grateful to the people in this area whose help all of you are taking for promoting your organizations. Try to return the favor of what Sahyadri and people living here have done to help you by doing something positive for them.