Having mentioned the issues faced by cancer stricken families with limited mean…what would Tunga Trekkers do when they are not trekking on a Sunday? We decided to do our bit. This might offend a few because we are posting pics here. But please be assured that this is not for “cheap publicity” but actually bring you a first hand experience of the situation and get you people more involved.

After all we wouldn’t have been doing this if we had not seen the photographs or others from trekking community doing something for the society. Nandu Chavan of MSA, Preety Patel, folks from DURGAVEER, SAHYADRI PRATISHAN, Tushar Patil from JANATA RAJA FOUNDATION to name a few. There are many more good citizens and NGOs work in the area of charity are commendable. we truly appreciate their work and got inspired to do something. So should everybody.

A special thanks goes to Namrata Poddar, Dr. Sheila Mukundan, Latha, Urmee Trivvedi Nidhi, Bhavani … my gang or girlz from DOSTI FLEMINGO (sewri) for contributing to the cause. A special word of appreciation to Namrata Poddar for getting the food ready and Dushant Poddar for bringing it to the location. Hats off…you guys took our RICE BUCKET CHALLENGE to different level altogether. Hope more people get inspired by your efforts.

Act of giving can be so simple yet so effective!