Our dream project of Sports Gurukul has been going from strength to strength. With his unique style of desi training Vivek gets the best out of the raw talent of these tribal kids. Most of these kids run barefoot and training is done in farms and mountains. As you can see the so called gym equipments used by the “5 star” city gyms is missing and only basic make shift stuff is being used.

We at Tunga Trekkers have been sponsoring 1 meal, milk and eggs daily for these kids and training them hard for marathons. We are proud to inform everyone that in 2016-17 we had top 5 finishers in every race we participated. The cash kitty earned so far has reached Rs.3 lakhs, making this sport a viable and dignified option for our kids.

Now these kids are ready for a bigger arena and need greater exposure to improve their running skills and tactics. We hope to garner greater support from everyone. Feel free to contact Vivek in case you are interested in sponsoring our kids.