Month of June is here and kids everywhere are ready to get back to school. Arrival of rains during this month brings hope for a fresh start in agriculture based village economy in our country. For kids, it is the joy of fresh uniforms, new books and stationary.

Enough has been said about plight of farmers as such in recent times but we as Trekkers/travellers of the remotest places in Western Ghats get to experience it firsthand. Breaking through that poverty cycle is an uphill task especially when education system and much needed resources are at bare minimum.

We Tunga Trekkers have developed atleast a of better sensitivity towards everyday issues faced by kids in such tribal hamlets. That is why we have started #Edu_Kit_Drive through which we provide basic stationary items to needy children. Though we are aware that much work is needed in this area; it is a starting point… a gesture to show that we care.

Through this project we have reached out to almost six hundred kids in year 2016-17. Details are as follows.

June 2016
Mangi Tungi ( Nasik )
100 primary students, 40 secondary students.
One recycled PC. Event coordinators Durgaveer Pratishthan.

July 2016
Saiwan ( Palghar district) Secondary school
110 kits

July 2016
Saiwan (palghar dist.) Primary school
140 kits

Jan 2017
Sankshi fort (Panvel)
50 primary kits. Event coordinators Rajmudra Pratishthan

Feb 2017
Mangaon Indapur
50 primary kits. Event coordinators Durgaveer Pratishthan

April 2017
Karpewadi (Kolhapur dist)
100 primary kits. Event coordinators Sahyasakhe.

We take this opportunity to thank Dushal Amrit Shah ; a good friend who made all the stationary available at a very reasonable price. Also sponsors like Revathi Shivakumar, Mahesh Vaze, Ashutosh Mishra, Namrata Poddar, Dr. Krishna Shetty, Ashley Shetty, Mahima Saruprias, Anu Agrwal, Asmita Harshajit, Mu Rashi Kumar, Salman Rangwala Vitthal Kane, Kavita Jain, Swati Patni, Jassi & Shailaja Patole always stepped up with a helping hand. We are grateful for your timely help. Thank you.

This year we have upgraded the target to minimum 1000 kits thanks to encouragement and appreciation received from all quarters. Please be a part of this journey by donating generously for this cause. Be a giver. A giver of joy n happiness. Every little gesture counts.