We humans have three basic necessities i.e. food, clothing and shelter but along with that education also has become one of the basic needs for survival. To fulfil this fourth need, government  of different countries made various schemes and programs, people from all over the world lead many movements to get this basic right of education. In our country too efforts were put in by our government after independence.

All the schemes and programs by government mainly reached and benefitted the cities and but failed to reach the interior rural areas of our country. Today in the 21st century, there are still kids who are passionate to go to schools and study. For their passion these kids go to schools which are far away from their houses. Now-a-days we have schools in remote areas and teachers who are willing to travel there and teach but they don’t have adequate teaching aids.

We at Tunga Trekkers noticed this while trekking in the mountains and villages and decided we should do something about it. From past 10 years Tunga Trekkers are trying to help these kids to fulfil this basic need of education. This year we have decide to do this same project by the name called ‘Mission Education’.

First stage of this project was done in 8 ZDP schools from different tribal areas ( Adivasi padas ) in Akole Taluka in Ahmadnagar district on 13th and 14th July.

Under this project we provide school bags in seven ZDP schools of Jambhalewadi, Lavhali, Mutkhel, Ambit, Kumdhet, Mhalungi and Umbarwadi. In each school bag we included set of notebooks (100 & 200 pages), drawing book, pouch with necessary material for writing and writing pad. 

These were only seven schools, but more needs to be done. There are many kids who are passionate about studying but because of lack of necessary material they are not able to study properly. To make these kids life happier by helping them to fulfil their right of education, please do contact us. 

 Following are the people who helped us in our Mission Education

  • Parijat Organisation (Mumbai), who provided school bags and others necessary material to the 2 schools. (Gurudas Bate, Swapnil Pathre and Harshad Thakare)
  • Anand Kharge, Chinmay Patankar and Dainik Loksabha
  • Gadkot – Dhyas Sanvardhanacha. They helped us to transport all material from Mumbai to all respective schools.
  • Ravi Thombade and Vijaya Parashar – from the beginning both of them helped us in planning and then in the execution.
  • Bhaskar Badal – This person worked as our navigator, who was with us throughout the day and because of whom our journey became easier.
  • Tekrival trust Mumbai – this Organisation is helping Tunga Trekkers for past 2 years in the form of providing school material.
  • All the members of Tunga Trekkers who were present for these field trips and who were not present but helped us planning whole project.
  • Last but not the least our all donors.

Thank you so much all of you for doing your part in this project. This is just the start; we have a long way to go. We expect all of you to support us in our future journey of Mission Education. Thank you!

Team Tunga Trekkers

Last but not the least, we leave you with this breathtaking image of one of the schools we visited, high in the mountains, clothed in clouds and surrounded by greenery!