We Tunga trekkers insist on spending our weekend in the mountains or else in some kind of social work where we can help people in our small way. It has also been added to the extent that even the children’s definition of having fun in our group has also changed. They like to spend their time in such work.

Similarly, on one Tuesday, we have decided to visit the ‘Maitra Kul’ a Social organization with all this children, to know something new. The main person behind this organization is Kishor Pavitra Bhagvan Jagtap. We have come to know about this person via Facebook. Over the years this person went through many hardships due to numerous conflicts and social movements, but still he managed to continue his work in this field by maintaining his low profile.

We always say that ‘education is the next revolution’, Kishor sir’s work is the perfect example of this quote. The journey that started from working in ‘Bagshala’ for students coming from underprivileged background till the Maitra Kul today is not only astonishing but includes may success stories. Basically in our country not only we are in lack of good affordable education system but also a good social system. In this situation students inMaitrakukare taking higher education, also working in different sectors like law, engineering, fine arts etc. These students by managing their daily work are also working here in Maitra Kulwith the Kishor sir and helping him to shape a next generation who will also join this work.

Maitra Kul is situated in a village near Kalyan. When we visit that place, firstly we can see well equipped and updated library of hundreds of books and with that we can feel the overwhelming confidence and lots of love in that place. Students here with their daily studies also learning how to become a responsible citizen by participating wholeheartedly in this movement of education. In this place we can see that there is a discipline and a proper structure but we never feel any kind of burden due to these things. Students here are everyday learning values like self-reliance, co-operation from Kishor sir and with the help of this learning they are trying to figure out how we can resolve conflicts in the areas like counselling, addiction, constitution, human rights, politics and democracy.

This experience was really educating. With This experience we learnt that even if sometimes we feel depressed about situations which are happening in our society,which makes us worry about our future generations, still we should keep working. After meeting Kishor sir you will learn two things, first one is if you by any means feels overconfident about yourself then you will come back to reality and second one  is if you are hesitating to accept any challenges then you will defiantly get a strength to do so.