Tunga Trekkers has been celebrating Diwali each year at remote tribal locations with the aim of bringing happiness to their lives even though its short lived. Slowly but steadily we are trying to move towards more sustainable way of bringing a change in their lives thereby giving them a chance to live a better life especially for their next generation.

Under the Dilwali Diwali 2018 program Tunga Trekkers also visited tribal village called Khairchicholi In Igatpuri District. In this village we have installed Solar panel, 100 WATS inverter, storage battery of 42 AH and also arranged 32 inches TV screen along with accessories like cables switches, boards etc.

We have arranged all the equipment under the guidance of Shreyas, Mrugendra and Mr. Vinayak kamat. After everything was installed we have played some educational videos on TV. This was the first time the villagers were watching a TV. It was really good to see surprised smiles on their faces. We also distributed food and sweets (Faral) to people from almost 30-40 houses in this village.

Next Day Mr. Shyam, the school teacher in that village called us to inform that the students were really happy and excited to learn new things through this new medium. We were glad to hear this and considered a job well done. In a country where basic education is hard to come by, we were proud to provide them with alternate source of education. We plan to provide used computers to this village soon.

Any corporate who can spare used computers, please contact us.

As a part of this program, we had requested the core members of Tunga Trekkers to get contributions from friends and family. It was really heartening that we were able to raise about Rs.70,000/-. We thank all our contributors and well wishers as well as those involved in the installation and setup of Solar panels.