Tunga Trekkers has been celebrating Diwali each year at remote tribal locations with the aim of bringing happiness to their lives even though its short lived. Slowly but steadily we are trying to move towards more sustainable way of bringing a change in their lives thereby giving them a chance to live a better life especially for their next generation.

2018’s Dilwali Diwali was celebrated in the village of DhamanwadiPatilwadi. This village is in Ahmadnagar District, Akole Taluka near Rajur at foothills of Shirpunje Bhairavgad.

Tribal people of this village never get to celebrate Diwali with their families. During this period they are always working in some farm. This year also they came back to their village after the first day of Diwali. In a city like Mumbai, the Diwali preparations start 2-3 weeks before the festival starts but villages like this, which are just 180 kilometers away from Mumbai cannot manage to be with their families on the day of festival.

Having visited such tribal villages during our trekking expeditions, we decided to bring some joy into their lives. On 18th November the program of Dilwali Diwali was organized by Tunga Trekkers together with the team of Gadkot. Under this program we have distributed basic useful things to tribal people and their children.

On the day around 120 women, 70 men and 70 children were present for this program. The program started with the beautiful song sung by tribal women. These songs were broadcasted by Akashvani. Introduction of program was done by Mrs. Vijaya. She works for the empowerment of tribal women in this area. Children greeted us with the bouquet made by them.

Mangesh Kurade   President of team Gadkot spoke about their organization and purpose of this program followed by Vivek Patil of Tunga Trekkers who spoke about tribal empowerment and in general how these tribal can reach out to us for help.

As a part of this year’s celebration, we have given around 220 good books to the children of ZDP school of Dhamanwan with the help of Marathi Desha foundation. We gifted one new computer set to the ZDP school of Ghodewasti and new projector to ZDP school of Patilwadi. We also distributed school related stationary like 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener and 1 box of sketch pens to each school going child who was present there. We gave sets of utensils to each family of these villages and around 150 Sarees to the women according to their preference (saha vari and nau vari).

Program ended with the vote of thanks done by Mrs. Vijaya and concluding speech done by Principal Zende sir. Villagers had arranged a delicious lunch for all of us, which included tasty local food.

This year with the regular participants of Tunga trekkers, Team Gadkot also participated in this program for which we are grateful to Mr. Mangesh Kurade and team. We also want to thank Marathi Desha foundation for providing such good books. These collaborations can lead to the building of strong activists for social movements. By organizing such program we definitely can help these people and bring little bit happiness in their lives.