Hello Friends and fellow trekkers. We have embarked on a new journey after years of trekking and philanthropy. Currently we are in the process of building a website that gives us the right identity and helps spread the work we are doing. This is a temporary website, please bear with us. Watch this space for more exciting projects and activities.
Vivek Patil:
A former merchant marine with tech qualifications in telecom sector, Vivek’s journey with Tunga Trekkers is a strange one. After being homesick after a decade of offshore work, he returned to the country to rediscover himself. A multi discipline sports person found a strange connection with rawness of outdoors activities.
Trekking remote and far away locations in Western Ghats got him in touch with Tribals and their hardship. He decided to find solutions. First step was to develop sensitivity towards the issues of tribal life. Which is why he started taking city dwellers on treks to experience village life. Gradually and gratefully people started helping for various causes. Our flagship project Sports Gurukul is his brainchild which is geared towards unleashing physical potential of these sturdy Tribals into sports arena.
His vision is to generate income source using sports as a vehicle. He has now quit his full time job in education sector and juggles two lives between that of a part time holistic fitness trainer while in the city and looks after field operations of Tunga Trekkers over the weekends.

Bhushan Kavthekar:
A software project manager by profession, Bhushan’s journey towards trekking and wildlife began at an early age of 8 when his father started taking him for WWF and BNHS nature walks and birding trips. Very soon it turned into a passion and almost every weekend was a new adventure to a new destination. Having learnt a lot about the Maratha history in the school, trekking to the forts of Shivaji Maharaj became an  obsession and weekends were spent roaming the hill forts of Sahyadris.

Alongside trekking, he also developed a keen interest in wildlife and nature. Snakes, lizard and frogs became friends. Looking to acquire more in-depth knowledge in wildlife, he completed short term courses in Herpetology and Biodiversity from BNHS.

It was but natural that Bhushan wanted to give back to Nature and Society as a whole which prompted him to form Tunga Trekkers along with Vivek.

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